capabilities engaging the community

Modelling integrity

Involves being genuine, authentic, open and honest in dealings with others while remaining steadfastly professional in one’s behaviour, action, advocacy and decision-making. It involves being one's true self and acting with integrity. It includes treating all people in an equally transparent, fair and equitable manner as well as advocating diplomatically and assertively for what we know is right even when under stress or pressure.


  1. Projects honesty and Lutheran values

    Behaves in a genuine, honest, and professional manner. Works openly and genuinely promotes Lutheran values, sharing personal views, feelings and insights in the presence of different groups.

  2. Demonstrates consistency and transparent integrity

    Treats people in a fair and equitable manner. Is consistent in one’s words, decisions and actions and transparent in motives. Is reliable and consistently delivers on promises. Applies with wisdom Lutheran values in all work to ensure words, decisions and actions are grounded, aligned and predictable.

  3. Projects a humble self-assurance

    Does not pretend to have all the answers. Authentically projects an inner assurance and outward humility by demonstrating vulnerability in difficult or uncertain times. Readily and quickly admits to mistakes. Exudes calmness and has confidence in asking for the help of others when needed.

  4. Advocates for others and retains integrity under pressure

    Confidently upholds a position and takes action based on clear evidence for the best course of action for students, school or early childhood service or other community groups, even if that action is unpopular with colleagues, leaders, or other stakeholders. Is assertive yet diplomatic, even during stressful times or when under pressure.