capabilities engaging the community

Networking and strategic relationship

Involves identifying, building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with key individuals or groups within, across and beyond the education sector. It also includes relationships where service to others is the focus. It includes developing and honouring relationships and networks that are of tactical and strategic importance in the development and growth of Lutheran education.


  1. Identifies key individuals and groups

    Actively identifies and contacts key individuals and groups within and outside the Lutheran education community, who may be in a position to provide assistance, support or leverage in achieving the objectives of Lutheran education.

  2. Builds genuine, trusted relationships

    Invests time with strategic networks to build genuine, professional relationships based upon mutual trust, respect and common values. Engages with one’s network on a regular basis to build community and goodwill.

  3. Nurtures and utilises networks

    Takes action to utilise networks within and outside the Lutheran education community for the purpose of seeking help and support in achieving goals or objectives. Takes time to assist others to achieve their own short-term goals when in need.

  4. Draws upon relationships for strategic advantage

    Develops deep, long-term relationships with key individuals and groups that are influential in supporting the strategic objectives of Lutheran education. Leverages these relationships to help create long-term opportunities for Lutheran education.