capabilities leading the team

Growing capacity

Involves growing the knowledge, skill and leadership capacity of others. It includes providing space for thoughtful reflection and support, as well as presenting effective learning opportunities that stretch the capacity of others.  At its deepest, it involves creating an environment where team members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own self-care and self-development. It includes fostering both their wellbeing and enthusiasm as they serve students in Lutheran education.


  1. Provides guidance and instruction

    Takes the time to openly draw upon one’s experience to share knowledge and wisdom with the intent of building the capacity of others. Draws from personal experience to guide others on how best to tackle problems and find solutions as well as providing instruction and guidance on how to complete specific activities and tasks.

  2. Helps others to reflect

    Provides others with opportunity for supportive reflection both cognitively and emotionally. Works through problem situations and challenges with others to test their thinking, actions and decisions. Uses this approach to enable others to better understand their own practices and reflect on ways to improve and grow their capacity to be of greater service to students and their families.

  3. Coaches others

    Personally coaches others in a way that inspires them to achieve their highest potential as a professional and leader within Lutheran education. Provides others with thoughtful and creative leadership and professional development opportunities designed to uniquely align to their individual career aspirations.

  4. Fosters a climate of learning, reflection and wellbeing

    Creates a climate where professional learning and thoughtful reflective practice is the norm. Team members genuinely take responsibility for their own professional and leadership growth and wellbeing. They take pride in keeping abreast of current research and best educational and leadership practices. Individuals are supported to develop self-care and self-development strategies to enable them to work to be as successful as possible.