capabilities leading the team

Inspiring excellence

Involves holding high standards and inspiring and encouraging excellence. This includes agreeing to clear performance goals, providing autonomy to deliver outcomes, acknowledging positive achievements and taking decisive, yet pastoral action. Ensures that underperformance is addressed and excellence is upheld in the best interests of students and the community.


  1. Establishes clear expectations and encourages autonomy

    Establishes clear performance expectations and professional standards with each team member including objectives, responsibilities and timelines. Ensures transparency and trust with performance reviews. Allows each person an appropriate blend of autonomy and support to enable them to be as successful as possible.

  2. Encourages excellence by reviewing outcomes against expectations

    With a spirit of encouraging excellence and enabling success, provides objective, specific and timely feedback to individuals on agreed expectations. Uses data and observations to affirm excellence and identify areas for improvement. Remains firm on high expectations.

  3. Addresses underperformance firmly and pastorally

    Puts the needs of students and the community first by holding others accountable for their actions and addressing performance issues using due process and pastoral care. Provides a clear, evidence-based and equitable pathway to address underperformance and is proactive in making difficult decisions for the betterment of the whole.

  4. Creates an inspiring environment of excellence

    Creates an ongoing culture of excellence in Lutheran education where team members and peers are encouraged to provide each other with regular, objective feedback and are fully accountable for their own actions. Individual and collective achievements are celebrated. A loving and compassionate manner is used to address underperformance.