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Nurturing faith

Involves providing opportunities for spiritual formation of others appropriate to their spiritual journey. It includes demonstrating a commitment to one’s personal faith journey, leading the school community in faith, reaching out to the wider community to build faith and deepen their understanding of Lutheran beliefs and values.  It also includes creating an environment where Christian spiritual reflection and formation are valued and encouraged.


  1. Reflects on own faith journey

    Recognises that everyone is at a different place on their faith journey. Shares in a clear and genuine way, the learning, practices and wisdom gained from one’s spiritual journey.

  2. Invites the school/early childhood service community to faith in daily life

    Articulates the Christian faith in everyday situations and rituals. Undertakes daily spiritual practices with others in a climate of openness and invitation. Proactively creates opportunities for Christian spiritual reflection and the ongoing formation of others.

  3. Facilitates spiritual growth in the community

    Is attentive to the individual spiritual paths of others in the community. Respectfully acknowledges each person’s own journey, provides individual acknowledgement, support and opportunity to help nurture their faith. Encourages others to engage in reflection and spiritual practices to grow in the Christian faith and live out the gospel. Legitimises this practice as part of daily life.

  4. Fosters a climate of spiritual faith-building

    Consciously builds a self-perpetuating climate of spiritual formation where engaging in spiritual activity is integral to the life of the community. Embeds a love of Jesus, compassion for others and a sense of grace and deeper meaning into daily activities.