focusing on outcomes

Searching for knowledge

Involves proactively and diligently seeking information, knowledge or understanding. Researches opinions and facts in order to ensure decisions are evidence-based, rather than relying on unfounded assumptions. It includes proactively looking beyond the day-to-day context to search for new information and facts from a variety of sources, within and outside Lutheran education to support decisions that create the best possible schools/early childhood services.

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Sharing for improvement

Involves creating opportunities for collaborative exchanges of information that are open and transparent. The best ideas, practices and knowledge are shared in order to tap into and build our collective wisdom for the betterment of Lutheran education. This includes inviting others into a safe and generative exchange of ideas and practices. Sharing occurs with colleagues, students, the church, broader school/early childhood service community and the wider education systems and bodies.

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Thinking strategically

Involves taking a ‘big picture’ view and seeing situations strategically and coherently within their broader context. It involves looking for patterns, trends or connections across different situations, timeframes and experiences to comprehend current circumstances, see things in perspective, capitalise on future opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

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Making it happen

Involves proactively doing what needs to be done to meet commitments and deliver on promises to provide the best possible Lutheran education for students and their families. This occurs with a focus on continual improvement. It is expressed through intentional creative action, striving for improvement, introducing innovations and consistently working to deliver excellent education outcomes.

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