capabilities focusing on outcomes

Making it happen

Involves proactively doing what needs to be done to meet commitments and deliver on promises to provide the best possible Lutheran education for students and their families. This occurs with a focus on continual improvement. It is expressed through intentional creative action, striving for improvement, introducing innovations and consistently working to deliver excellent education outcomes.


  1. Meets commitments

    Works in a dedicated way to meet commitments and deliver on promises. Puts the students first and provides timely and quality work even within challenging timeframes. Takes action and shows initiative without undue delay or fuss.

  2. Delivers quality work

    Is personally accountable for ensuring one’s team is delivering work of a high standard within agreed performance standards and quality measures. Accepts full responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of the work of oneself and the team. Is reliable and can be depended upon to get the job done.

  3. Tests ideas and introduces creative improvements

    Works in a consistent and conscientious way to improve one’s work and deliver improved work with new standards of excellence. Tests new ideas and practices and accepts work that extends one’s ability. Initiates creative improvements and changes to processes, procedures, programs, relationships or services to better meet Lutheran education’s objectives and the educational and pastoral needs of students and families.

  4. Innovates for sustainably improved outcomes

    Takes action to make real improvement to one’s school/early childhood service or area of work to deliver better outcomes for Lutheran education. Establishes new and innovative working relationships, policies, practices, agreements, processes and structures to achieve higher levels of efficiency, quality and long-term effectiveness.