capabilities focusing on outcomes

Searching for knowledge

Involves proactively and diligently seeking information, knowledge or understanding. Researches opinions and facts in order to ensure decisions are evidence-based, rather than relying on unfounded assumptions. It includes proactively looking beyond the day-to-day context to search for new information and facts from a variety of sources, within and outside Lutheran education to support decisions that create the best possible schools/early childhood services.


  1. Gathers information

    Proactively gathers pertinent data by asking questions of colleagues and others who can provide useful information. Draws from the usual, routine sources of information to gain an understanding of current and topical issues. Purposefully works to obtain this information before decisions are made or action taken.

  2. Personally searches

    Personally investigates situations in order to find reliable evidence or to get to the bottom of a situation or problem when routine information is insufficient. Proactively asks the relevant questions of key people in one’s local environment to form a more complete picture. Tests information for accuracy and is not distracted by unjustified assumptions, emotions, value judgements and general opinion.

  3. Searches out and beyond

    Looks well beyond the local environment to consistently review and scan for trends in both Lutheran education as well as the national and international education community to remain abreast of education practices and issues. Gathers information from a wide variety of sources, including research, theology and international best practice.

  4. Searches widely and is knowledgeable

    Searches widely for information from sources beyond education and has contemporary knowledge of social, political, economic, technological or environmental issues that impact on the effectiveness of Lutheran education. Taps into professional networks to understand the historical backgrounds as well as current and emerging information to build understanding and perspective. Is regularly consulted by others as a reliable source of knowledge and wisdom.