capabilities focusing on outcomes

Sharing for improvement

Involves creating opportunities for collaborative exchanges of information that are open and transparent. The best ideas, practices and knowledge are shared in order to tap into and build our collective wisdom for the betterment of Lutheran education. This includes inviting others into a safe and generative exchange of ideas and practices. Sharing occurs with colleagues, students, the church, broader school/early childhood service community and the wider education systems and bodies. 


  1. Shares willingly

    Is aware of the need for Lutheran education to be the best it can be and willingly and openly shares ideas, practices and knowledge with others. Is available to others and shares expertise.

  2. Encourages others to share

    Invites and encourages new and different ideas, the sharing of practices and insights, as well as feedback and critique from others. Seeks out and personally invites others to share, especially those who have expertise or counter-cultural and challenging opinions from which learning can occur and new insights emerge.

  3. Harnesses collective wisdom

    Creates and contributes to collaborative learning and problem solving communities within Lutheran education. Does this to enable learning communities to share ideas and best practices as a means of encouraging excellence for Lutheran education.

  4. Promotes external collaboration and engagement

    Proactively and intentionally works beyond Lutheran education for the ongoing improvement and excellence in teaching and learning. Creates and promotes opportunities for the sharing of practice between different education systems locally, nationally and internationally. Openly shares best Lutheran education practices across boundaries and listens openly for new ideas, practices and insights.