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Building Self Awareness

Involves building an understanding of oneself being ‘in tune’ with one’s own biases, assumptions, thoughts and feelings. It is having an awareness of how these impact our decision making capacity, or how one presents to others. It includes the capacity to control or suspend thoughts, emotions and judgements and be comfortable in ambiguous or stressful situations without making reactive decisions or jumping to irrational or emotive conclusions. 


  1. Aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings

    Is conscious of and pays attention to one’s thoughts and feelings. Is aware of how one is listening, speaking or acting, and is conscious of personal biases and assumptions. Can observe patterns in one’s thoughts and feelings and is aware of how to respond as a consequence.
  2. Aware of impact

    Is aware of and recognises how patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving impact on oneself and others. Understands both the positive and potentially damaging impact that emotions and behaviour can have on others, including colleagues, staff, other professionals, students and parents. Understands when one’s thoughts or emotions are biasing decision-making capacity.
  3. Controls and manages emotions

    Controls outward expression of emotions and feelings. Projects a calm, controlled and clear-headed demeanour, even under conditions of high stress. Has the capacity to masterfully maintain composure and control.
  4. Suspends judgement

    Is aware of when one is judging rather than observing. Demonstrates the capacity to ‘suspend’ observations without immediately judging or categorising what one sees or hears. Calmly ‘holds’ anxiety, risk and ambiguity, rather than jumping to irrational or emotive conclusions, or making reactive decisions as a way to ‘move on’.