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Living positively

Involves the ability to maintain a positive outlook or perspective, even in the face of obstacles or setbacks. It draws strength from the promises of God and includes being optimistic about the future, and consciously choosing to project warmth, faith and hope in relationships with others. It involves valuing the gifts and contributions of all and creating a sense of optimism by building a positive and energetic climate of encouragement and support, even during times of difficulty or change.


  1. Remains composed

    Copes well under pressure. Remains composed and unflustered in stressful situations, such as during heavy workloads, or difficult environmental conditions. Consistently maintains a calm and well-controlled manner.
  2. Projects positivity

    Projects an optimistic attitude that draws strength from personal faith. Is self-assured and positive about the future. Is aware of professional and environmental realities but chooses to operate from a position of faith and hope rather than fear of failure, suspicion or negativity. Consistently maintains a balanced, positive attitude.
  3. Demonstrates resilience

    Demonstrates resilience and emotional and spiritual fortitude by quickly regaining composure after a setback. Has the ability to ‘bounce back’ and keep going when things get tough. Perseveres during times of hardship and follows through despite obstacles. Is able to maintain one’s faith and sense of humour even during intense and stressful times.
  4. Displays genuine enthusiasm and optimism

    Displays genuine enthusiasm and infectious optimism. Is passionate about Lutheran education and takes pride in working in service of students and their families. Demonstrates drive and tenacity and is genuinely invigorated by new challenges and opportunities. Supports and lifts the morale of colleagues. Knows how to constructively deal with cynicism and negativity which can be damaging to the team climate.