our foundation workshop resources


Our Foundation provides the Christian beliefs and values that provide a foundation for Lutheran education and your school.

Option 1

Small groups of teachers read the Lutheran lens. Ask the staff to form groups of three and choose one of the statements in the Lutheran lens. Ensure all statements are allocated to a group. Ask groups to develop a Y chart to record what the statement might look like, sound like and feel like in practice. Share and discuss the Y charts.

Option 2

Take a statement and identify the areas of school life that the statement speaks into. List the questions that arise from applying this statement to school life. Work in groups to discuss how the school can respond to these questions. 

Option 3

After reading the Lutheran lens and The Essence: the blossoming tree. Search the school prospectus, website and parent and staff information for the Christian beliefs and values that underpin Lutheran education. Does the school information reflect The Lutheran lens and The Essence: the blossoming tree? Is there anything that could be added or left out? What changes could be made to the school prospectus, website etc?

Lutheran education: the blossoming tree