growing oneself

Building self awareness

Involves building an understanding of oneself ­ being ‘in tune’ with one’s own biases, assumptions, thoughts and feelings. It is having an awareness of how these impact our decision-making capacity or how one presents to others. It includes the capacity to control or suspend thoughts, emotions and judgements and be comfortable in ambiguous or stressful situations without making reactive decisions or jumping to irrational or emotive conclusions.

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Deepening faith

Involves a personal faith in Jesus. It includes witnessing to the Christian faith and recognising God's presence in daily experiences and the importance of faith in both joyous and challenging times. It expresses itself in service to others and provides a framework for making meaning and developing identity and relationships. This includes a deep understanding of Lutheran theology and how its application guides everyday actions.

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Learning and adapting

Involves the desire to learn and grow in one’s professional vocation. It includes being open-minded to new information and feedback from others, objectively considering other interpretations and demonstrating a readiness to adapt thinking and practice. At its strongest, it involves the capacity to transform one’s habitual, mental and emotional patterns. This includes consciously choosing alternate ways of thinking, feeling and acting that enable us to reach our highest potential as leaders in Lutheran education.

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Living positively

Involves the ability to maintain a positive outlook or perspective, even in the face of obstacles or setbacks. It draws strength from the promises of God and includes being optimistic about the future, and consciously choosing to project warmth, faith and hope in relationships with others. It involves valuing the gifts and contributions of all and creating a sense of optimism by building a positive and energetic climate of encouragement and support, even during times of difficulty or change.

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