The Growing Deep Leadership and Formation Framework was developed to:
  • provide opportunity for all leaders in Lutheran schools and early childhood services to reflect on and plan for growth in their leadership responsibilities, spiritual journey and ongoing formation
  • inspire and enable Lutheran schools and early childhood services to be places of service and transformation and contribute to the ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA)
  • grow a common and consistent language that builds a shared vision and understanding of how each individual contributes to the school or service in the Lutheran context
  • identify the practices and capabilities that contribute to improving student learning outcomes
  • clarify and develop an understanding of how God’s word, Lutheran theology and spirituality informs leadership across all areas of responsibility
  • connect all of our learning communities nationally, through shared visions and goals centred on formation and leadership
  • be used for strategic renewal and development at both a personal and school/service level.

Leadership in Lutheran education is a concept that involves every member of the community, from students and teachers to administration and non-teaching staff. Students are empowered to become leaders as they take initiative in their learning, collaborate effectively, and inspire positive change. Teachers engage in leadership as they shape the culture of their classrooms and the wider learning environment, and mentor and guide students towards personal growth and critical thinking. Administrators play a pivotal role in setting a vision for the school and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Non-teaching staff contribute to the effective organisation and management of the school or early childhood service and demonstrate leadership through their dedication and commitment. In this inclusive view of leadership, Lutheran schools and early childhood services become vibrant ecosystems where everyone’s contributions are recognised, fostering a sense of belonging and collective responsibility for success.

Formation is about the ongoing journey of being and becoming, of the development of who we are and what we believe in response to the people, things and life experiences of significance. Formation experiences in Lutheran education relate to the personal, communal, professional and spiritual. Christian formation is about being shaped and formed by a God who is most clearly revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is an ongoing journey and concerns the whole human life; a life that is lived, in relationship with Jesus, inspired through the power of the Holy Spirit, grounded in Scripture, and experienced with our head, heart and hands (Bartsch 2006). It involves the ongoing journey of exploring and developing our God-given abilities as we reflect the love of God and serve each other. As Christians, this process is not just an individual pursuit but is given its fullest expression in community whereby we can grow and challenge each other to be the people God has created and called us to be.

Lutheran Education is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and informs all learning and teaching, all human relationships and all activities. Growing Deep consist of 5 elements:

Our Foundation provides the Lutheran lens through which we view all that occurs in Lutheran Education.

The Vocational Practices describe the work that we all undertake.

Capabilities describe the way we work.

Our Culture describes the environment we are aspiring to create in Lutheran Education.

The culmination and fruits of our work is that we are all Free to Flourish.

I lead by word and deed simply because I am here doing what I do. If you are also here doing what you do, then you also exercise leadership of some sort.
Parker Palmer