capabilities engaging the community

Building support

Involves skillfully communicating and negotiating with others (directly or indirectly) in order to build support and develop ownership and shared acceptance for ideas, actions and decisions. It includes preparing thoroughly, understanding the audience and adjusting communication style and approach to appropriately engage with others and  their perspectives. It may include working over an extended period of time to build long-term support for strategically important decisions and initiatives.


  1. Uses logic and reason

    Uses reasoning and facts to construct a logical argument to win support of others. May use concrete facts and logically reasoned arguments in a discussion or presentation as the primary means to gain support.

  2. Researches and prepares

    Prepares thoroughly for presentations, meetings and discussions. Undertakes research and develops several different arguments to support one’s viewpoint. Develops ownership by explaining the benefits of an idea or initiative that would specifically appeal to the interests of the audience.

  3. Shapes communication style

    Adapts personal communication style to genuinely engage a diverse range of stakeholders and people from different places and cultures. Gains agreement to initiatives through understanding the position of others and preparing for their reactions. Tailors language and approach taking into account the values, vested interests and motivations of the audience.

  4. Uses planned strategies for building support

    Develops ownership and wins support for significant, strategic initiatives from key stakeholders through planned long-term strategies, while also adjusting to individual situations.