capabilities growing oneself

Learning and adapting

Involves the desire to learn and grow in one’s professional vocation. It includes being open-minded to new information and feedback from others, objectively considering other interpretations and demonstrating a readiness to adapt thinking and practice. At its strongest, it involves the capacity to transform one’s habitual, mental and emotional patterns. This includes consciously choosing alternate ways of thinking, feeling and acting that enable us to reach our highest potential as leaders in Lutheran education.



  1. Is open to change and improvement

    Demonstrates an openness to hearing new information, feedback from others or alternative points of view. This includes the knowledge that our reasoning can be improved with further understanding and involves not irrationally holding on to a particular perspective or opinion.
  2. Modifies actions and decisions

    Modifies short-term actions, decisions, ideas or hypotheses based on new or contrary evidence and findings. Reflects a willingness to adapt or change one’s position if convinced of a better alternative.
  3. Rethinks strategies and plans

    Demonstrates a readiness to thoughtfully and substantially set aside or rethink previous efforts or well established plans or strategies based on new evidence, information, feedback or changes to current circumstances. Can adapt quickly and painlessly when needed.
  4. Transforms one’s patterns of thinking, feeling and acting

    Understands the basis for established and automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. Is aware when old patterns are habitually operating and consciously chooses to think, feel or perceive things differently, as it helps to understand the truth in difficult, complex and dynamic circumstances.