capabilities growing oneself

Deepening faith

Involves a personal faith in Jesus.  It includes witnessing to the Christian faith and recognising God's presence in daily experiences and the importance of faith in both joyous and challenging times. It expresses itself in service to others and provides a framework for making meaning and developing identity and relationships. This includes a deep understanding of Lutheran theology and how its application guides everyday actions.


  1. Adopts and practices a 'servant' mentality

    Sees one’s behaviour and actions as service to others. Supports and participates in the regular practices of spiritual formation such as staff devotion and prayer, worship or service in community.
  2. Recognises God's presence in daily life and in the world

    Articulates the Christian faith in everyday situations and circumstances. Does this in an open, visible way that shares and communicates to others an example of walking a spiritual path with Jesus. Creates opportunities to practice everyday formation rituals with others in the workplace. Uses these opportunities for ongoing spiritual formation and personal reflection.
  3. Witnesses to the importance of faith

    Demonstrates and relies on a strong Christian faith in both joyous and challenging times. Nurtures personal faith through involvement in a Christian community. Takes solace and gains strength from personal faith. Is seen as a pillar of strength and faith in dealings with others when it would be easy to be highly emotional, judgmental or critical of others.
  4. Understands and applies Lutheran theology

    Models and exemplifies spiritual leadership using Lutheran theology to underpin leadership action. Does this in a way that demonstrates humble strength and inner peace. Has a deep understanding of the brokenness of humanity and God’s grace in dealing with everyday and difficult situations.