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Free to flourish

Free to flourish

AdventurousEveryone has a story. Our story reminds us of who we are and who we are becoming.

Free to flourish is the story for Lutheran schools and early childhood services, grounded in Christian beliefs and values and a catalyst for ongoing improvement and innovation. Our learning story inspires a deep understanding of who we are and how we are created for relationship with God and all creation. We seek to honour the wisdom of our First Nations People as we grow appreciation of the interconnectedness of all.

Embracing the future with confidence, our learning communities grow learners who are compassionate, purposeful, adventurous, and relational.

We are free to flourish


AdventurousWe believe that we are called into the adventure of exploring the unknown. With hopeful expectancy and a sense of awe filled wonder; we journey through the mystery of life together.

Learners are innately curious and creative. Delving into big ideas, they co-construct their journey of discovery, creating and reflecting as they make sense of, and shape, the world around them.

Learning is playful and challenging; it responds to the unique needs and interests of the individual. It fosters the learner’s curiosity about the world around them and their place within it.

Our learning communities are transformative and safe places that invite courageous exploration. They are places of collaboration and interconnectedness, where learning is experiential and immersive.


AdventurousWe believe that learning opens our hearts and minds to the diversity of human perspectives, experiences, and wisdom traditions. It develops our capacity for compassion, selflessness, and advocacy.

Learners engage in respectful and open dialogue and are cogently aware of inequity and bias. Their curiosity is grounded in deep understanding of the inherent dignity of all humans and enacted in service and advocacy.

Learning is underpinned by love and justice so that learners are supported as they critically reflect on ways of seeing and thinking and trust their own growing capacity for discernment.

Our learning communities are ethical places of inclusion, understanding, compassion, justice, and love.


AdventurousWe believe that learning is essential to our humanness and every learner grows as they are nurtured to live and act purposefully.

Learners grow and develop understanding of their abilities, gifted by God. As they learn what matters to them and their communities, they have rich input into their learning.

Learning is about finding purpose and is participative, interactive, and dialogic. Purposeful learning shapes and is shaped by identity, intent, and action. It empowers learners to contribute to human and ecological flourishing.

Our learning communities are places where learners are reflective agents making unique contributions to enrich the world.


AdventurousWe believe in the interconnectedness of everything. Interdependent relationships are vital for the flourishing of all creation.

Learners grow in awareness of who they are and who they are becoming. Called to many vocations, they serve the needs of the world.

Learning is deeply relational. A focus on holistic learning nurtures discernment and deep connections to God and all creation.

Our learning communities are places of belonging where learners are seen, heard and known. Interdependent relationships empower learners to pursue love, reconciliation and regeneration so that they embrace the future with hope and confidence.